Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Everything you gotta know about Synchrogazer! (Big-ass-Info-Post)

Since there's no point in putting anything up for download at the moment with all the filehosters being shut down I thought...why not compile lots of information instead? Here we go! Synchrogazer single!
Also includes sales update with Synchrogazer breaking the 60k barrier in it's second week and the sales suddenly shooting up again with daily sales more than doubling in 2 days.

26th Single "Synchrogazer"

Monday, January 23, 2012

Filesonic dead, no more downloads for a while

After Megaupload has been shut down filesonic and fileserve decided to end their sharing services voluntarily last night. That way the files are not available anymore and I will wait a few weeks before uploading to any hoster again to see if more will follow. Let's hope at least one good filehoster remains.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

ETERNAL BLAZE at Music Japan(LIVE CASTLE) 21.01.2012

Music Japan aired this performance in their Nana special and here it is for you :)

Download from filesonic
1280x720, 150mb, password: seven, you will have to skip an ad to get to the download

New Nana Forum! (+ Synchrogazer back in top5, THE MUSEUM II chartrun)

There is a new Nana Mizuki forum as successor of SEVEN online by now. You can reach it at http://nana-mizuki.proboards.com/index.cgi and I'd be glad to see as many people reading this as possible joining. The forum was made by Sai and I will be acting as moderator on it. He made a really beautiful design and was damn quick in making it!

Later today I will upload Nana's performance of ETERNAL BLAZE at LIVE CASTLE aired at Music Japan.

The actual charting news are after the break!("Read more")

Friday, January 20, 2012

Nana on TV January-February 2012 and Synchrogazer Sales & Positions

The very first news update on this blog(if you do not know what happened to the forum yet, refer to the blog post before this one) brings you some information on Nana's quite interesting TV shedule of these 2 months and the chart success of her new single Synchrogazer.

First, Synchrogazer!

Total Sales (so far, 20.01.2012): 56706 + x
Chart Run: 1 Week, Second running
 (more after the break)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Synchrogazer at Coming Soon!! 2012.01.16

Click on the tumbs for the full sized screens

Nana's second performance at "Coming Soon!!" is her singing her powerful new single "Synchrogazer" in a sea of lights. Her vocals are very good in this performance considering how hard the song is.
(stream and download links after the break)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The fate of SEVEN

Dear SEVEN users,

I'm guessing all of you noticed the forum suddenly disappearing a few days ago. I have yet to get official notice as to why it was deleted and it seems to be gone. Entirely.
While I do have a somewhat recent back-up it's not enough to reconstruct the forum and all of it's members and posts since not every neccessary file library is included.

That now leaves me with the question what to do? Even if I wasn't very active lately I always loved SEVEN as both a place to talk with you guys and a place to get all the Nana news and downloads.
That is why, for now, I created a blog in place of it. I don't have the time to set up another forum at the moment and I must honestly say I'm not sure it's worth it to go through all the work. The last forum was run over by bots to the extent I had to completely disable registration of new members. You weren't able to see them but there were literally hundreds of spam posts every day waiting to get accepted on the forum, too many for me to look through them and accept the ones coming from real, new users instead of the 10-50 new bots registering every day.

On this blog I will try to post the most important Nana news and some Downloads starting in a few days(I'll wait a few days before I really start posting so this stays at the top and people can read it) so there remains an English, non-torrent, non-members only place you can easily get those things online and I may create a new forum in a few weeks or months when I'm not drowning in exams anymore.

I hope you'll visit this blog and maybe a new forum someday.
If you want to reach me you can leave a comment here(using a google, livejournal or wordpress account), message me at jpopsuki(noidea) or mail me at mirrorcle@hotmail.de and if you have a google, twitter or yahoo account you can follow this blog to get updates.